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Our newest dirt bike for kids

1) Engine type: 65cc, single cylinder, WATER-cooled, 2-stroke
2) Oil type: Petrol, 1: 20 engine oil mixing
3) Rated power and rotate speed:13.5HP/12000rpm
4) Max. Torque and rotate speed:9N. M/8, 000rpm
5) Tank capacity: 2L
6) Ignition: CDI
7) Compress ratio:13+/-0.6 :1
8) Driving mode: Chain
9) Starting system: Kick start
10) Tire (front/rear):60/100-14/70/100-12
11)seat high:750MM
12)Mix distance from ground:280mm
13)front and rear weels distance:1137mm
14) Brake system (front and rear):hydraulic disc brake
15) Dimensions (L x W x H): 1550*620*940mm
16) Max. Speed: 75km/h
17) Max. Loaded: 150kg
18)front suspension: up side down double adjustable hydraulic
     rear suspension: dydraulic with air bag
19)Rim/handle bar:steel/Aluminium

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